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 In Memoriam -Fabian Eugene Terry Jr.- Justine son
In loving memory of our Fabian Eugene Terry (Fabo) was son of Justine Smith who left us on June 3, 2013. Fabian was loved and was loved by all of his family and friends. He was father to four of the most beautiful children Brooklyn, Fabian III, Kaylee, and Syann. we will miss our beloved Fabian and he will live forever in our hearts. Fabian was laid to rest on June 10, 2013 at Laural Hill Cementary, St. Louis Mo.
 In Memoriam- Cary Wayne -Henrietta's son
Cary (Chicken Wang Thang) as they call him. We all love and miss him so much. God Bless his children and the Wayne family. Cary will be laid to rest on August 5th, 2010 and he will never be forgotten.
 In Memoriam- Thomas Sledge - Rita Smith's husb
Tommy, "Mr. Tommy" to most of us was husband to Rita Smith who is Hattie's daughter. Rita lost a good husband, companion and friend and we all lost a very special guy whom we all love so very much.
 In memoriam- Daisy R. Bell - Eldridge's daughter
We lost our beloved Martriarch of the Bell Family Ancestors. Daisy Bell who is daughter of Eldridge and Susie Bell and she will be missed dearly and we all loved her so much. May God Bless her children and granchildren.
 Smith Family photos of the past!

We now have two new web links above on the home page. We first have the "Bell Ancestors Family Members History" and we have "Susie (Shelby)Bell Family History. Please check out the links and click on each name to learn some history of your Ancestors.

I hope you enjoy it and comments are appreciated.


 Bell Ancestors Family Letter

Hi Everyone,
Family reunions exist to tell family stories and keep it alive.  One of the most exciting things about family reunions is the realization you're part of something much larger than yourself.  The older ones remember the days when they lived near our family and they had picnics.  The older people remember the good times that came from that and being able to see cousins and relatives.
Very often the younger generations get to know their relatives because one of the things that happened is that people move all over the place.   The younger generation don't know their cousins and relatives in the same way the older generations knew their cousins and relatives.
The fact that other families get together period I think is wonderful.  I'm talking mainly about the extended family.  I 'm talking about relatives not just parents and children.  I'm talking about the whole system of relatives.
We hear stories from our moms, dads, aunts, and uncles, but the younger generations want to have stories to tell their grandchildren.  How else can we keep the relationships going and the desire to be together unless we make the effort.
It's been eleven years for the Bell Ancestors and you want family members to know each other, especially the kids growing up.
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Bell Ancestors Family Letter
Added Jun 10 by Carla Keith

Toriano & Linda Morant Smith - renew vows
Added Jan 11 by Carla Keith

In Memoriam -Fabian Eugene Terry Jr.- Justine son
Added Aug 29 by Carla Keith

Susie (Shelby) Bell Ancestors.... PLEASE READ!
Added Aug 27 by Carla Keith

Added Jun 28 by Carla Keith
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New Ranch Dip
Added Sep 11 by Sugar Bear

Strawberry Swirl Cake
Added Sep 11 by Sugar Bear
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Patricia Bell Wooten - Jun 19, 2011

Thank you for this website. It is truly beautiful. I'm so honor to be a member of our Family's legacy. Love You More! Pat 06/19,/11
Tawanda (Nykki) - Oct 11, 2010
Hey Family. I Have Officially Grace Our Family Spot With My Lovely Presence. Don't Be Scurred To Holla At Me.....ONE LOVE ;-P
<script>alert('Welcome!');</script> - Aug 6, 2009
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 Smith Family Photos of the Past
Smith Family pictures of the past.
 Wayne Family Photos of the past
The Waynes
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